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Working in an art gallery in Shanghai as a side gig was the catalyst that led Sophie Thi to start exploring design outlets & storytelling while starting her professional career in a corporate job. Born in Paris in 1986, creativity was never far from Sophie’s world - her mother had an eye for vintage fashion and her father was for a time a

self-taught interior decorator. 

Sophie took a course in Fashion and Textile Design while living in Shanghai. Her work is notable for its textural and colourful quality, a characteristic inspired by her fondness for fabrics which she says, hold a story. Nature is a recurring theme throughout her art; she employs organic shapes and imagery to encourage contemplation. 

Sophie is the founder and creative director at Studio Sirènes, a brand and creative agency. Because of her experience with customer-centric brands she understands the importance of an intentional approach to design, connecting brands with their audiences by harnessing the power of imagery.

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