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Getting to Happy

Art Direction & Creative Design

October 2020

1080 x 1080_Card 18.png
Getting to Happy: Bienvenue

Getting To Happy™ is a movement towards creating a happier society and community here in Singapore. 

Shireena Manchharam, Life & Happiness Coach, for over a decade, created this box set of 31 cards to inspire people to live a happier life. 

It is my goal to change peoples’ lives one by one, until we are a happier, healthier community. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that after implementing some of the ideas, you laugh, smile, love, and appreciate yourself, and life, a little more.

Shireena Manchharam, Founder of Getting to Happy

The creative direction I undertook for this project had to translate what Getting to Happy™ is about: to bring more happy moments into our lives through simple and actionable changes.

Through a design that is bright and playful, I wanted to convey the message that mindfulness does not have to be intimidating, it can be as joyful as a daily little challenge.

Using a colourful yet simple style, I also introduced some collage and illustrations to add an element of surprise.

1080 x 1080_Card 29.png
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